Daniels Fitness, LLC (Daniels Fitness) is a Christian-based personal training resource that offers remote and on-site, one-on-one, training as well as group fitness camps  for ages 12 and up. Daniels Fitness  was founded in the spring of 2013 on the premise that we were made to move and wellness is the key to long life.


We will come to you (remote training) to train if that works better for you, or you can come to our gym(on-site training) or exercise location.  Your all-around health and fitness is the goal at Daniels Fitness and we strive to push you beyond your mental and physical borders to a place of wellness.


$55- 1 hr training (at my gym)

$65- 1 hr mobile training (at your home/gym/church/business/field,etc)

$10- 1 hr Fitness Camp (Saturdays, 8-9am)


Michael Daniels is an ISSA Certified personal trainer dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals.  Mike has been training clients for several years at private gyms and currently works with Defined Physique  in northwest Baltimore.  Diagnosed with stage four chronic kidney disease (CKD) four years ago, Mike has been able to avoid the need for dialysis, or a kidney transplant by the grace of God and due to his physical fitness and wants to help others get and stay healthy as well.





At Daniels Fitness, we first talk with the client to get a really good idea of their physical limitations and  fitness goals and/or struggles.  Then we formulate a workout regimen that best impacts the areas of concern while strengthening and sculpting the whole body.  We recognize that fitness is a journey and we encourage our clients to do their “homework” on the days they are not training with us as well as proper eating habits.  At Daniels Fitness, we don’t believe in diets, rather lifestyle changes.

We bring Daniels Fitness to you!  Through the use of resistance bands, weights, aerobics, body weight, plyometrics and other disciplines, we formulate a workout regimen that best impacts the areas of concern while strengthening and sculpting the whole body.



Our fitness camp is held each Saturday(during spring, summer months) from 8-9am (we have moved to Greenville, SC. and will be initiating training in the near future).  The camp is meant to assist each individual with core strengthening and calorie burning through high and low impact aerobics, plyometrics and running.  We encourage one another to succeed and there is no judgement.  Each person performs at their own pace as we each gradually begin meeting our fitness goals.  Please bring water, an exercise mat if you have one and a mind to get fit!



Eating properly is 80% of any healthy lifestyle. We educate our clients on proper eating habits and stress nutrition as a crucial part of a good fitness regimen.  We offer suggestions on meal plans and ways to eat well throughout the day.  We recommend you get approval from you’re your physician before beginning any strenuous workout routine.





This was the best boot camp ever. I'm someone who needs to be challenged and Mike took me to my limits. I felt great after the workout. Like I was going to really reach my fitness goals.

Thank you Mike!




Michael Daniels is the real deal for your choice of personal trainers. Mike has a straight forward, no nonsense approach that is strict yet respectful. There is no time like the present so get with it, get busy and get Mike Daniels!



Mike is an awesome personal trainer..... training with Mike helped me gain more confidence in my ability to get fit.  Thanks Mike for pushing me past what I thought was my limit when I would yell and have an attitude because I felt I pushed myself hard enough, knowing I had more to give!



I loved working out with Michael under Daniels Fitness. He was fun to workout with as well tough when needed. Excellent trainer wish he was in Charlotte, NC!





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